Amazing Grace

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Our Black Leather Box with White Mixed Flowers

Box Sizes
36 CM
Queen 30
Princess 23 CM

Empress 1,199 AED
Queen 799 AED
Princess 499 AED

The flowers box can be customized to your preference, which adds a personal touch when gifting someone.

It can often be confusing and hard at times to buy flowers online in Dubai, with many providers competing to get a sale. Give a memorable and amazing floral surprise to your loved ones with our exquisite white flowers' flower box.

The beautiful pure white shade is created using hand-picked fresh roses and other flowers. The tender green leaves among the white flowers provide an attractive contrasting elegance to the whole flower box. The floral arrangement is arranged in a circular black box made out of high-quality leather.

For all the black color lovers, the contrasting beauty of the white flowers and black leather box, makes it an ideal choice for all types of occasions. Customize our flower box with your unique style and create a perfect florid gift for your beloved.

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