UAE National Day Flowers

Stunning UAE National Day Flowers - Only at Glamour Rose!

As the United Arab Emirates (UAE) gears up to celebrate its National Day, we, at Glamour Rose, present you with amazing UAE National Day flowers. Each UAE National Day flower bouquet of UAE National Day flower arrangement that leaves our florists' table not only epitomizes the floral beauty but also the patriotism of our nation.

When we come up with floral arrangements for UAE National Day decor, we make sure to include the colours of the UAE National Flag that depict the unity and values of the UAE.

In the spirit of our National Flag colours, the white roses in our UAE National Day flower bouquets represent our acts that are pure and peaceful. They also represent the harmony between different different communities that call UAE their home. The red flowers represent our valour, our bravery - our swords. While we are peaceful, we stand united to protect our freedom.

The black flowers (or wrapper or vase) in our UAE National Day flower arrangements represent the long battles we have been a part of. They also represent oil - the black gold, our industrial development, and the rich economic resources of our country.

The green accents represent our plains and our prosperity.

Right now, our UAE National Day flower collection features four main arrangements.

Our UAE Flag B'Day Bouquet features 50-100 roses in the glorious colours of our national flag - born on the special day that our whole country celebrates. Nation Love flower arrangement features red flowers, big white roses, and accents of green and black and is perfect for representing unity and patriotism in your UAE National Day decor.

The UAE National Day Flowers is a visual tribute with red roses, white accessories, and greens wrapped in a striking black wrapper. The UAE Flag Flowers arrangement boasts 20 roses in each colour - red, black, white, and green - wrapped in elegant white paper. It's a perfect choice for honouring the diversity and multiculturalism of the UAE on its special day.

Besides these, you can order customized UAE National Day flowers, bouquets, or floral arrangements to go with your decor theme. Order now for timely delivery!

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