Why Valentine’s Day Celebration is Simply Incomplete without Red Roses

Why Valentine’s Day Celebration is Simply Incomplete without Red Roses

Valentine's Day the most special day of the month is hugely celebrated worldwide. And when it comes to expressing love towards your special ones, you can find a variety of Valentine's Day flowers and gifts in Dubai for conveying your messages in the most unique way. While looking for some of the most cherished gifts for the occasion, red roses are a timeless one. As an important part of the celebration, it symbolizes love, romance, and passion. Its relation with Valentine’s day dates back a long time and has been etched in the pages of history. Let’s dig a bit deep to find out.

How it all started?

The cultivation of roses first started in the region of Eastern Asia, almost 5000 years ago. It further gained popularity during the Roman age, when it was cultivated in the Middle East, mostly for producing perfumes, medicines, and party decor . And the roses we see these days were first cultivated during the 1700s.

During the 19th century, the Victorians were the first to use red roses for making floral bouquets to send to their love interests. And, the term ‘Floriography’, meaning the language of flowers came into the picture during that period of time as well.

How to send red roses as your Valentine’s Day gift?

You can find many ancient stories on the association of love and red roses. Their splendid guise and essence make them one-of-a-kind among the maze of various other gifts. And you can find a host of floral bouquets offered by online florists these days, which can leave your special one in complete awe. Following here are a few amazing ideas for gifting red roses to your beloved this Valentine’s day.

 A single rose in gift box

Often small things can make the biggest impact. A beautifully-designed gift boxsingle red rose inside it can express your ocean of love towards your significant other. It showcases a royal feel and can surely help you win her heart this Valentines day.

 A heart-shaped flower box with red roses

Nothing can be more perfect than a heart-shaped box full of freshly-plucked, beautiful red roses, isn’t it? You can find many online florists offering exquisite flower boxes, which can be personalized as per the customer’s needs. Just browse their websites and you can find numerous options to choose from.

 A giant flower bouquet of red roses

If you are looking for something extraordinary and grand, you must consider buying a giant flower bouquet finely decorated with fresh red roses for your soulmate. It can speak volumes for the love and admiration you have for her and will let you win her heart instantly.

Final Thoughts

Love is in the air and it’s time to make some worth-remembering moments together. So, make that extra effort in pampering your ‘One and Only’ and surprise her with attractive and thoughtful Valentine day gifts in Dubai. Visit the website of Glamour Rose to explore arrange of flower arrangements and place your order now.  



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