Uncover the Best Flower Bouquets within Your Budget

Uncover the Best Flower Bouquets within Your Budget

"Roses, roses, all the way,
In a fragrant, colorful display.
Their petals soft, their scent divine,
A bouquet of beauty, forever mine."
~ Robert Frost

Unveiling a collection of stunning floral bouquets, we present a range that perfectly suits your budget and preferences. Our selection of hand-picked bouquets caters to various price ranges, ensuring that you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones in Dubai:

Under 250 AED

Deep Serenity is an exquisite hand bouquet of white roses priced under 250 AED for now. It's the perfect time to buy this flower bouquet as it is on sale. These blossoms, symbolising pure and steadfast love, can be customised to reflect your unique sentiments, making each gift truly personal. 



Deep Serenity's allure lies in its combination of pristine white roses and natural green leaves, neatly wrapped in translucent white paper adorned with golden petal-shaped lines. Ideal for grand occasions or surprise gestures, this bouquet encapsulates your heartfelt emotions. Opt for Deep Serenity and take advantage of our same-day flower delivery services in Dubai.

Under 400 AED

Presenting the GR Infinity Rose 15, a singular red infinity rose encased in a chic acrylic box. We offer it under 400 AED. This timeless bloom, preserved in its prime, encapsulates a sense of enduring beauty and romance. 


Perfect for an intimate gift or a decorative piece, this everlasting red rose serves as a continual reminder of a special moment or sentiment. With the GR Infinity Rose 15, turn your affectionate gesture into an eternal keepsake.

Under 500 AED

Introducing the Bella Rosa, a handcrafted bouquet of regal purple roses, is available under 500 AED right now. The historic ties of purple to royalty and celebration lend an air of accomplishment and wonderment to this arrangement. 


Perfect for marking special milestones, birthdays, or anniversaries, Bella Rosa captivates with its rich hues and striking pink wrap. Ideal for those seeking to order flowers online, these fresh, scented roses are tailored to your style and preferences, ensuring a memorable impression and a joyous surprise for your loved ones.

Under 600 AED

Introducing the GR Infinity Rose 18, a beautiful arrangement of four small infinity roses housed in an elegant acrylic box, priced under 600 AED. This exquisite offering from our flower delivery services bring an air of everlasting beauty into any space. 

These roses, carefully preserved to retain their allure indefinitely, are an ideal gift for marking a special occasion or simply expressing affection to your loved ones. With the GR Infinity Rose 18, your thoughtful gesture will become a lasting memento.

Under 1,500 AED

Discover the Majestic Harmony bouquet, an enchanting assortment of mixed flowers for just under 1,500 AED, from our top-tier flower delivery service in Dubai. This grandiose bouquet, entirely customisable to your preferences, is bound to leave a lasting impression. 


Its diverse colour scheme, encapsulated in a delicate white wrap, adds a touch of luxury to your gifting. With Majestic Harmony, make each gift personal, memorable and tailored to your loved ones' tastes.


Glamour Rose presents a wide range of stunning floral bouquets that cater to every budget. Now is the perfect time to place your order as we are offering amazing discounts on some of their best offerings.

Whether you're charmed by the elegance of Deep Serenity, the everlasting beauty of the GR Infinity Rose 15, the regal allure of Bella Rosa, the timeless charm of the GR Infinity Rose 18, or the grandeur of the Majestic Harmony bouquet, we always have something to suit your budget as well as preferences.

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