Peony Paradise: Experience the Magic of Peony Season in Dubai!

Peony Paradise: Experience the Magic of Peony Season in Dubai!

Petals soft as silk,
Peonies bloom like royal ilk.
These blossoms make a perfect present,
Symbolizing love and true intent.

It's the season of peonies! As the weather warms up, the peonies add to the beauty of Nature with their vibrant colours, unique shapes, and soft and delicate petals. Many people love these flowers and they make perfect additions to a flower arrangement or a sophisticated bouquet.

At Glamour Rose, the famous flower delivery system in Dubai, we often receive requests for classic white, pink, and red peonies or rare yellow ones. From classic double blooms to unique Japanese-style peonies with a feminine look, we have variety of peonies bouquets to make your special occasion memorable.

Peony Flowers


Typically, late April to early June is the best time for peonies in the UAE. The natural growth cycle of these flowers includes dormancy during the winter months. But once the weather warms up, the plan wakes from its slumber, grows new shoots, and sprouts forth the lovely flowers we all love.

Though peonies are perennials, their blooming season is limited. So make sure to book your flower bouquets featuring peonies before the season ends.

Here are some suggestions on which peony blooms can make your flower arrangements more meaningful:

  • The white peony radiates opulence and romance. A bouquet of these timeless beauties evokes an airy nonchalance perfect for any setting - from weddings to windowsills in the summertime! With its subtle sophistication, the white peony is a symbol of enduring grace while offering heartfelt forgiveness when asked.

  • Light pink peonies capture the delicate beauty of romance, luck and prosperity. This makes them ideal for expressing love on a Valentine's Day or an anniversary celebration as well as making Mom feel special on Mother’s Day. They also make great additions to wedding floral arrangements with their gentle pastel tones - especially during spring and summer ceremonies!

  • Boisterous, passionate and deeply attractive; hot pink Peony flower arrangements are show-stoppers! They symbolize romance but also convey joy and radiance, making it ideal for weddings or young graduates alike. With its youthful energy and vibrant hue, this statement flower is sure to make heads turn with admiration!
  • Red is the hue of intensity, making peonies in this shade a symbol of desire and regard. Affectionately referred to as 'the king' flower by Chinese royalty centuries ago, red peony can be used for romantic gestures like adorning dinner table settings or decorating bedrooms. But it’s not just about romance--this vivid color also represents wealth and honour. With its deep symbolism rooted in true love, passion & power - these magnificent blooms make an ideal surprise!

  • The Yellow Peony is a flower of joy and celebration. From light, cheerful hues for spring to golden shades for an outdoor wedding - the peony provides beauty and symbolism no matter the occasion.

Add a hint of luxury to your life with the wide selection of fresh, seasonal peonies at our luxury flower brand in Dubai. Our convenient flower delivery service across the UAE ensures that you can always enjoy the beauty and elegance these special flowers bring - from bouquets for loved ones to home decor accents. 

Embrace the beauty of peonies while they last! Our flower shop in Dubai has an exquisite selection to help you craft a unique arrangement tailored for any occasion. Don't miss this opportunity and come enjoy the special allure that only peony season can bring.

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