Love in a Mega Box: 1000 Red Roses for Your Valentine!

Love in a Mega Box: 1000 Red Roses for Your Valentine!

Forget dropping hints, let the red roses soar,
To speak of love - that's grand and blossoming some more.
A crimson tide, a thousand blooms unfurl,
A box full of love - fit to shake the world.

Do you want to give the best to your beloved? Pen a sonnet for her/him in the moonlight? Are you fascinated by Oscar Wilde's 'The Nightingale and the Rose'?

Why not express your deep love for the one you love with 1000 red roses?

Glamour Rose has introduced a towering testament of love this year - the UAE's biggest Valentine flower box called 'Full of Love'This special Valentine's Day flower box contains 1,000 fresh long-stemmed red roses in over a metre-wide branded white box to make the special day unforgettable.

A Grand Gesture of Love

Imagine this scene! Your beloved opens the door to a giant white box, over 1 meter wide, overflowing with a sea of vibrant red roses. The sheer size and extravagance of this special flower box immediately charm her, bring a lovely smile to her lips, and make her eyes shine. This moment gets etched in her memory forever - something ordinary Valentine's Day gifts can't manage.

The 'Full of Love' Valentine's Day Flower Box is an ultimate statement of love. 

1.2-metre wide, the white Glamour Rose bix is elegant and sophisticated. It contains 1,000+ premium red roses - hand-selected for their vibrant colours, freshness, fragrance, and perfection. Each bloom in this sea of roses is an eloquent testament to the love overflowing within you.

When words fall short of conveying the depth of your emotions, such grand gestures of love help you leave a lasting impression on the special someone who lives in your heart. They serve to rekindle the spark of a relationship, reaffirm the commitment and dedication of the connection you share, and express joy and appreciation like never before. 

When you want to set a new standard of love in your relationships, don't hesitate to go for big, bigger, and biggest! Because it is these memories that make real-life love stories so adorable.

Pre-order the 'Full of Love' Flower Box now to ensure that this magnificent symbol of your love reaches your Valentine on time!

Why Choose the 'Full of Love' Flower Box?

  • 1.2 m Wide Box: This biggest Valentine's Day flower box in the UAE is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your loved one.
  • Sea of Roses: 1,000+ premium red roses are truly a luxurious and romantic gesture no one can ignore.
  • Stunning Presentation: A beautiful and elegant box presents the stunning long-stemmed red roses with perfection.

Make this Valentine's Day extraordinary with the 'Full of Love' flower box. Order Now!

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