How To Wow Everyone With Giant Flower Bouquets?

How To Wow Everyone With Giant Flower Bouquets?

Flowers speak the language of the heart. When you truly want to impress someone or influence someone, soften their feelings towards you - say it with flowers...lots of them!

When it comes to floral arrangements, size truly does matter. Giant flower bouquets are big bold statements - full of opulence and extravagance - that smaller flower arrangements can't match! For example, the 'Rose American Pink Floyd' displays 61 to 101 perfectly-formed pink Floyd roses that infuse passion with every petal.

Let us see how giant flower arrangements can transform any moment to being special and any space to being magnificent!

When to Go Giant?

Imagine you open your door in the morning and you see a 'Bouquet Pink Palm' waiting for you on the door with a personalised message from your loved one! You see some of the finest hydrangeas, American roses, and dried palm painted pink arranged in a grand floral arrangement - just for you. How would you feel?

Giant flower bouquets aren't just a gift, they're an experience. Some of the occasions where they fit perfectly are:

  • Weddings: Giant floral displays can transform a venue. They make the stage look more luxurious, make great centrepieces for a reception table, provide stunning backdrops for treasured photographs, and make great wedding gifts too!
  • Grand Romantic Gestures: What can make a bolder statement of love and affection than 'Majestic Passion'? This grand and elegant lavish bouquet of the finest red roses whisper the grand scale of your feelings.
  • Big Anniversaries or Milestones: Giant flower bouquets are perfect for celebrating significant moments, for opulent displays, honour achievements, and to add richness to your shared experiences.
  • Corporate Events or Launches: Add grand flower arrangements to the venue decor to create an atmosphere of exclusivity, attract attention, and leave a lasting impression on the visitors.
  • 'Just Because': You can turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary one with a special and luxurious surprise for anyone at anytime. 

Are you visiting your mom after a long time? Take a giant flower bouquet with you!

Making a Giant Bouquet Work

Once you've received your show-stopping giant flower bouquet, it's time to make it shine! Here's how to get the most out of your extravagant floral masterpiece:

  • Placement is Key: Giant flower bouquets are meant to be seen! Hence, set it up on a focal point that will attract all eyes, such as entryways, reception areas, or on a stage. But make sure that they do not block key viewpoints or create a walkway hazard.
  • Think Beyond the Vase: Ditch traditional containers! Make people go wow with elegant but dramatic floor stands or suspend your bouquet from the ceiling for a whimsical touch.
  • Gifting with Grace: Giant flower bouquets make beautiful and impression gifts at large parties - weddings, anniversaries, and award functions! If you are the host, make sure you have a space to display them with pride.

Where to Source Giant Flower Bouquets?

Are you seeking the perfect giant flower bouquet? Here's where you might find it:

  • Local Florists: Many local flower specialists offer personalised giant bouquet designs according to your specifications and use garden-fresh flowers.
  • Online Flower Delivery: But what if you have to make a delivery to another city? Galmour Rose offers fresh flower delivery services online in Dubai and the UAE - to make your loved ones smile wherever they are.
  • DIY Enthusiasts: And of course! If you are an inspired creative soul, you can walk into our stores and use our experts' help to design your dream flower arrangements!

At Glamour Rose, we craft exquisite arrangements with the finest blooms and deliver them with care. You can check our Giant Flower Bouquet Collection here!

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