Valentine's Day 2023

How Long-Distance Couples Can Keep Their Spark Alive This Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day can be extra special for couples miles apart! Each year, long-distance relationships are given a unique chance to express their devotion and show how much they care. This Valentine’s day 2023 is no exception: turn up the romance with heartfelt gifts, share romantic messages throughout the day, a special collection of Valentine’s Day flowers, or connect by video chat - whatever it takes to make this love story last through eternity!

1. Send your beloved an exquisite bouquet of roses, the timeless symbol of love and devotion.

"The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love;

O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove."

Glamour Rose's 'Majestic Red' bouquet, for example, is a grand bouquet of dark red roses wrapped in a shiny black wrap above an attractive red color wrap. It comes in three sizes: the Princess bouquet has 60 roses, the Queen bouquet has 80 roses, and the Empress bouquet has 150 roses!

Include a heartfelt note to express how deeply you care – what better way is there to show that even when separated by distance, the connection between you two burns just as brightly?

2. Build anticipation before you go to meet your loved one.

Can't wait to meet you again, my love;

The days will seem like a lifetime until then!

One hope that keeps a long-distance relationship alive is the anticipation of seeing your precious one again. Letting them know that you will soon be united is a way to keep the flame burning.

Keep things fresh and exciting by sharing romantic messages throughout the day – from pictures to poems, your sweetheart will certainly appreciate the effort you put in just for them. Include a countdown of when you plan to see each other, or little surprise messages to remind them how much they're loved.

Our 'Counting the Days' flower box is popular among couples in long-distance relationships: it comes with a black box of roses in two colors - that can hold the number of roses remaining until the special day when you will finally meet again.

3. Surprise your partner with an unforgettable virtual date night.

When I first saw you, you took my breath away.

You still do. Every Day.

Arrange a romantic evening. If you can't meet in person, get dressed up for each other and watch a movie together. Whisper sweet nothings and compliment each other. After all, the words that express your love and how much you miss are the next best things to a hug and a kiss.

Add some best flowers for Valentine’s Day to the mix - and your evening will be perfect! Order a 'Crazy for You' bouquet beforehand to make the occasion extra special. When the beautiful red roses with the signature golden rose will arrive at the doorstep of your beloved in a golden vase, they will know that your love is one-of-a-kind.

If it's your first love, add some tulips - ideal blooms with sublime fragrances that represent your youthful romance. You can include chocolates to make the evening sweeter and even more romantic.

4. Express how she's the perfect match for you throughout the day.

You meet thousands of people, and none of them really touch you.

And then you meet one person, and your life is changed forever.

For Me, that's You!

No matter the distance, you can still share your adoration for each other. Start with a romantic gift and then continue expressing how you feel all through the day using small reminders of your love - such as pictures or written notes. You could even send little trinkets that represent your love story so far, like jewelry, tickets to future events, or stuffed animals.

Our 'Perfect Match' bouquet is popular among couples. With a fresh selection of multi-colored rare flowers, it symbolizes the unique bond between two people. The bouquet includes roses, carnations, lilies, and more for a captivating floral display.


So this Valentine's Day, let's vow to keep our connection alive and vibrant despite all barriers of distance!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ♥️💕

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