Florists' Tips to Trim Roses to Keep Them Fresh For Longer Time

Florists' Tips to Trim Roses to Keep Them Fresh For Longer Time

Roses are a timeless addition to any flowers bouquet, symbolizing love, joy, and purity. However, they require meticulous care to maintain their freshness and vibrancy.

Florists treat each flower with tender care and delicate precision, orchestrating them into creations of exquisite beauty. They weave the blooms together, considering each petal, each hue, to craft bouquets that are a symphony of elegance and allure. 

Their expert hands transform individual flowers into awe-inspiring arrangements, turning a simple bloom into a masterpiece of floral artistry. In their skilful embrace, every bouquet becomes a vivid tapestry, resonating with vibrant life and poetic charm.

Trimming roses correctly is pivotal for extending their lifespan, improving the aesthetic of the arrangement, and mitigating the risk of pests and diseases. We bring you our expert florists' tips on how to do it correctly:

Why Trim Roses?

  • Extended Life: Correctly trimmed roses can significantly extend the life of your flowers bouquet, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for a longer time.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Trimming helps in creating a more harmonious and visually appealing flower arrangement by maintaining balance and proportion within the arrangement.
  • Reduced Risk of Diseases and Pests: By removing dead or damaged wood, the risk of diseases and pests transferring to other flowers in the bouquet is substantially reduced.

Trimming Tips for a Lasting Flowers Bouquet:

  1. Cut at a 45-degree Angle: Cutting the stems at this angle enables the roses to absorb more water, maintaining their freshness.
  2. Thorn Removal: De-thorning the stems makes the roses easier to handle and prevents potential damage to other flowers in the bouquet.
  3. Stem Length: Cut the stems according to the desired length that complements the size and shape of the arrangement.
  4. Leaf Removal: Any leaves likely to be submerged in water should be removed to prevent decay and water contamination.

After Trimming Care:

Once trimmed, the roses should be placed in a vase filled with fresh, clean water, preferably kept in a cool, sun-free location. Regular water change, every day or two, is crucial in maintaining the quality of your flowers bouquet.

Additional Care Tips:

  1. Clean Vase and Fresh Water: Always start with a clean vase and fresh water for every new flowers bouquet.
  2. Use of Flower Food: Adding a packet of flower food to the water can substantially prolong the life of the bouquet.
  3. Location: Keep the bouquet in a cool, shaded place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Regular Water Changes: Refresh the water every couple of days to maintain the flowers' freshness.
  5. Re-cutting Stems: Re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle every few days.
  6. Remove Spent Blooms: Regularly remove any spent blooms or dead leaves to maintain the appearance and health of the floral bouquet.

By following the above guidelines, your flowers bouquet can maintain its fresh appearance for 7 to 10 days, allowing you to relish the beauty and fragrance of the roses for an extended period.


In the art of floristry, the longevity and freshness of a flowers bouquet are as pivotal as its aesthetic appeal. Trimming roses correctly is a fine art that, when mastered, can significantly elevate the quality, appearance, and lifespan of a floral bouquet. 

By combining meticulous trimming with thoughtful care, you can create breathtaking arrangements that remain fresh and vibrant, radiating beauty and fragrance in your living space for days on end.

Remember, whether it’s a grand occasion or a simple, thoughtful gesture, a well-maintained flower arrangement can speak volumes, conveying love, joy, and warmth to your loved ones, making every moment truly special.

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