Crafting Joy: A Birthday Flower Arrangement Workshop for Your Special Day

Crafting Joy: A Birthday Flower Arrangement Workshop for Your Special Day

You must have heard of people gifting a Spa Day for the special woman in their lives or enrolling a dancing enthusiast in a dance class as a birthday surprise. Budding chefs may join a bakery workshop or a cooking class to nurture their talent while those who love art & craft may join a painting workshop as a birthday treat. We, at Glamour Rose, offer you a workshop on what we do best - an exclusive Birthday Flower Arrangement Workshop by Professional Florists!

We believe:

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." ~ Gerard De Nerval

When you work with expert florists, you will not only learn about different ways to decorate flowers and floral decoration techniques but also about the language of flowers. You will learn how flowers can communicate exactly what you want to express - how to pick the right flowers in the right colours, which colours to mix together to get the right feel, types of floral arrangements you can use, and other floristry basics to make your masterpieces last longer.

Our two-hour workshop is a treat for flower enthusiasts. They get to pick their own flowers, arrange them in whatever way they like, and take them home along with a Professional Florist Certificate! It is better than gifting one floral bouquet to someone on their birthday. 

Who should join this workshop?

The Birthday Flower Arrangement Workshop by Glamour Rose is the best gift for the following types of people:

1. Flower Enthusiasts: If you or your loved one have a passion for flowers, enrol into this workshop and learn how to create stunning arrangements. It can also be a perfect, interesting, and unique group activity for birthdays if you have like-minded family or friends.

2. DIY Lovers: Individuals who are in love with do-it-yourself projects would love this special workshop. In this way, they can learn to add a personal touch to every birthday celebration they have for years to come.

3. Gift Givers: People who believe in giving thoughtful and unique gifts - and making efforts to find one, learning to make a handcrafted floral arrangement can be a boon. This will be a birthday surprise they will never forget.

4. Event Planners: There must be people in your group who are born event organizers! They are the ones who jump up to plan everyone's birthdays, outings, and every little occasion for everyone. This workshop is a perfect birthday gift to such people as they will be able to add crafting birthday flower arrangements to their skill set.

5. Anyone Celebrating a Birthday: You know what's unique about this workshop? As you different types of bouquets with professional florists, you see how each flower arrangement is a labour of love. And when you take it home, it has your personal touch. It's an experience no one should miss.

Besides people with creative flair who have already dabbled with arranging flowers, this workshop also attracts beginners as our professional florists are very friendly. Even if you have no prior experience in flower arrangements, we will provide you with step-by-step guidance, and by the end of the workshop, you will be able to master the art of working with flowers.

Make this birthday special for someone you love!

This is your opportunity to offer a different kind of experience to your loved ones on their special days. Even better, if you join them in this experience. Learning to do something new together is exciting and a perfect bonding experience. After all, it is moments that matter more than things.

Love you all! 

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