Emirati Women’s Day

Emirati Women’s Day- Where Flowers Echo Their Strength!

On August 28, 2023, the United Arab Emirates will pause to honour and celebrate the indomitable spirit, contributions, and continuous achievements of Emirati women. Emirati Women's Day, far from being a mere observance, stands as a beacon of the nation's unwavering commitment to the empowerment of its female populace.

A Theme Reflecting Tomorrow

Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, fondly christened the "Mother of the Nation", has christened this year's celebrations with the theme: "We Collaborate for Tomorrow". It's a theme deeply infused with hope, ambition, and unity, aligning seamlessly with the 2023 "Year of Sustainability".

Her words, an epitome of inspiration, underline this year's emphasis on gender balance, highlighting the paramount importance of collaboration across federal and local sectors, civil societies, and the private business landscape. This cohesive vision illuminates the UAE's integrated approach towards advancing forward.

Flowers: The Voice of Unspoken Emotions

In the midst of these grand celebrations, how do we truly convey our heartfelt gratitude, admiration, and affection to these pillars of our society? The age-old tradition of gifting flowers speaks where words might falter.

Here at Glamour Rose, we are not merely arranging flowers but weaving emotions into bespoke floral artworks. Flowers, much akin to women, are embodiments of beauty, elegance, and positivity. Presenting flowers on this august occasion is not merely a gesture but a profound symbol of appreciation, recognition, and aspirations for an even brighter future.

The Language of Flowers

  • Desert Roses: Epitomising resilience and unparalleled beauty, mirroring the essence of the Emirati woman.
  • Jasmine: With its delicate scent, it encapsulates elegance, simplicity, and sheer grace.
  • Lavender: Evoking feelings of calm, healing, and purity.
  • Marigold: A radiant symbol of optimism, warmth, and creativity.

Pairing these flowers in thoughtful combinations allows one to craft a bouquet, a canvas of varied sentiments. Opting for seasonal UAE blooms ensures that the gift is not only fresh and vibrant but also resonates deeply with Emirati traditions, values, and essence.

Glamour Rose: Your Partner in Expression

With our esteemed floral services in Dubai, you can seamlessly curate captivating floral arrangements, whether in bouquets, boxes, or pouches. From roses to a medley of other blooms, our creations are designed to articulate love, wishes, and sheer joy, paying tribute to the exceptional women in your life.

Why not send a custom floral box, brimming with fresh roses or exotic orchids, serving as a gentle reminder of cherished moments? Our promise: each handpicked bloom is a symbol of pure, untainted love.

A Salute to the Pillars of the Nation

To the phenomenal women – mothers, sisters, daughters, confidantes, and guides – we extend our heartfelt wishes on Emirati Women's Day. As we collaborate for a brighter, sustainable tomorrow, may our connections, akin to the perennial charm of flowers, only grow stronger.

Come, join hands with us, and make a statement this Emirati Women's Day. Gift a bouquet that doesn’t just hold flowers but echoes sentiments, values, and respect.

Let's make this Emirati Women's Day truly unforgettable with Glamour Rose.

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