Convey Deep Appreciation for Your Dad with a Bouquet of Flowers on This Father's Day

Convey Deep Appreciation for Your Dad with a Bouquet of Flowers on This Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner (on June 21, 2023, in the UAE), and what better way to show your love and appreciation for your dad than with a stunning bouquet of flowers? Flowers have a unique language of their own, conveying emotions and sentiments that words often fail to express. This Father's Day, let Glamour Rose help you make a sophisticated and elegant statement with their exquisite bouquet collection. Here are five bouquets that are perfect for celebrating your dad on this special day:

Heart Collection: Pour Your Feelings with GR's Heart-Shaped Boxes

The Heart Collection allows you to express your deepest emotions with their beautifully crafted heart-shaped flower boxes. Surprise your dad with a heart-shaped box filled with fresh and fine roses, available in red and pink varieties. 

Choose from classy matte black or subtle pink color options to suit your dad's taste. The competitive prices and customizable options ensure that your gift will be unique and tailored to your dad's preferences. 

These heart-shaped rose boxes are ideal for any occasion, including as Flower’s Day floral gifts, allowing you to convey your love, appreciation, or happiness in the most perfect manner.

Infinity Roses Collection: Express Endless Love in the Most Elegant Way

Roses are a timeless symbol of true love and affection, and Glamour Rose's Infinity Roses Collection captures this sentiment perfectly. These elegant red and white rose boxes are carefully designed with freshly hand-picked roses, ensuring that your message of love stays alive alongside the freshness of the flowers. 

The rose infinity boxes are crafted with precision and are easily delivered through our efficient flower delivery service in Dubai. Choose your favorite rose packed in an artistic design and impress your dad with your impeccable taste and charm.

Custom Made Collection: Create a Personalized Father's Day Gift

With Glamour Rose's Custom Made Collection, you have the opportunity to create a unique and personalized Father's Day gift for your dad. Express your deep feelings by designing a custom flower bouquet or arrangement that reflects your dad's preferences and personality. You can ask expert florists at Glamour Rose to create dazzling bouquets or boxes of flowers spelling your dad’s name or age or more.

Let your dad know how much you miss him with a customized floral gift that conveys your love and happiness. With fresh and premium quality flowers, your floral creation will be impeccable and unforgettable.

Vases Collection: Exquisite Roses in Elegant Vases

Our Vases Collection features exquisite roses presented in beautiful vases, adding a touch of elegance to your Father's Day gift. For example, our Rose Misty Bubbles Vase is a special selection of fresh roses offered with a pink vase, Euca, Cineria, and a signature golden rose.

This stunning arrangement is a perfect choice to make a statement and create a lasting impression on your dad.

Fresh Flower Collection: Show You Love Your Dad Too

Our Fresh Flowers Collection also offers a beautiful option to express your love for your dad. The "Rose Revival Bouquet" is a hand bouquet of mixed flowers, including Rose American Revival, Rose Spray Dinara, Pampas Natural, Euca Cineria painted pink, and the signature golden rose. 

Bold and beautiful, this bouquet is a thoughtful choice to celebrate your dad's love and affection on Father's Day.


This Father's Day, go beyond the ordinary and express your love for your dad in a sophisticated and elegant way with Glamour Rose's bouquet collection. Each bouquet is meticulously designed to convey your deepest emotions and make a lasting impression. 

Whether you choose a bouquet from our Heart Collection, Infinity Roses Collection, Custom Made Collection, Vases Collection, or even the Mother's Love Collection, your dad will feel cherished and appreciated on this special day. 

Trust Glamour Rose to deliver exceptional quality and beauty with their stunning floral arrangements. Show your dad how much you care for him with the language of flowers this Father's Day!

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