Celebrate UAE National Day with Our Flag-Themed Flower Bouquet!

Celebrate UAE National Day with Our Flag-Themed Flower Bouquet!

Celebrated on December 2 every year, UAE National Day is the day when six of the seven emirates united to form the modern-day United Arab Emirates in 1968. The seventh emirate - Ras al Khaimah became part of the UAE in 1972. On this day, people dress up in UAE national flag colours and Burj Khalifa displays the UAE flag too.

Car rallies, dance shows, and fireworks are a part of grand celebrations on this day. And if you know someone in the UAE whose birthday falls on December 2, what can be a better gift for the person than the UAE flag birthday bouquet?

UAE National Day Flowers 

A floral arrangement displaying the colours of the UAE flag is a perfect way to express patriotism and admiration for the nation's rich heritage. And it goes well with all the UAE National Day decorations.

Glamour Rose also brings you the UAE flag flower bouquet with 20 roses each in red, green, white, and black colours. Let's delve into the significance of each of these colours:

UAE National Day Flower Bouquet

Significance of Colours of Roses in the UAE Flag Floral Bouquet

  • Red Roses: Red in the UAE National Flag represents strength, bravery, and courage. Red roses in our bouquet also represent the unity and solidarity among the seven emirates of the nation.
  • Green Roses: Green represents the agricultural heritage, fertile land, and commitment of the nation to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Green roses in the UAE flag floral bouquet also represent hope for UAE's prosperous future and its unhindered growth.
  • White Roses: White represents the UAE's tolerance, understanding, and multiculturalism. When we add white colours to our flag-themed flower arrangements, we hope for peace and purity in the nation as well as a harmonious existence between diverse cultures and communities here.
  • Black Roses: The black colour in our national flag represents the rich oil resources and industrial development that have been the cornerstones of the nation's progress. The black roses in our UAE national flag flower bouquet remind us of the UAE's resilience and ability to overcome various challenges. 

Crafted with precision and patriotism at heart, Glamour Rose's UAE flag-themed flower bouquets and flower arrangements are some of the finest examples of our floral artistry. They are works of art that encapsulate the story of the UAE's past, present, and future. We take pride in procuring the finest roses for our floral arrangements - and hence, each bloom in our national flag-themed bouquets and floral arrangements is a visual delight for those who receive them.

Order the UAE Flag Flower Bouquet or Flower Arrangement Today!

We, at Glamour Rose, understand the deep significance of preparing the best tributes and decor pieces for the UAE National Day. We feel proud to be a part of helping individuals to express their love for the nation by the way of flowers.

Now that the UAE National Day is so close, now is the right time to order our exclusive flag-themed flower bouquets or flower arrangements that can enhance your festive decor and help express your pride in the achievements of our great nation.

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