Celebrate Beauty and Faith with Flowers This Eid Al Adha

Celebrate Beauty and Faith with Flowers This Eid Al Adha

Flowers are symbolic of beauty, purity, and gratitude towards the Supreme Power in all religions. They enrich the significance of the celebration. When you order Eid Al Adha flowers for your family and friends, it shows that you wish them joy, renewal, and unity on this special occasion.


Vibrant colors and delicate petals of fresh flowers are a visual reminder of the softer emotions of sacrifice and faith of Prophet Ibrahim. They also remind us that our life is an opportunity granted to us for our spiritual growth. 

Let us recommend some amazing Eid-Al-Adha flower arrangements that you can order for yourself for home decor purposes or gift to add to your family members, friends, and colleagues to emphasize the beauty of life and the blessings received:

Luxurious EID Mubarak Bright Flowers Arrangement Elevates Your Decor

Bright yellow American roses arranged in a round orange leather box are perfect for infusing your Eid celebrations with a touch of luxury and vibrancy. It also contains a dazzling gold glass lantern as well as a moon embellished with white wax flowers. 


Yellow roses here represent joy, happiness, good luck, and friendship. Golden and glass lanterns are parts of Islamic traditions.

The moon in the flower arrangement represents the guidance of God on life's path. Hence, this bouquet is a great choice as a centerpiece for your Eid decor, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at an Eid party, or gift to your best friends.  

Embrace Elegance with EID Mubarak Golden Flowers

Our simple and elegant "EID Mubarak Golden Flowers" bouquet contains sophisticated white roses, the signature golden Glamour Rose, and a golden glass lantern arranged in a round leather black box.


As mentioned above, white roses represent virtue and poverty and the beautiful glass lantern represents long-standing holy traditions of Islam. 

This bouquet serves as a perfect Eid Al Adha gift for your loved ones as it showcases the generous blessings of Allah.

Hilal Moon Flowers are Perfect Gifts to Make EID Mubarak

One of the most beautiful flower arrangements ideal for Eid Al Adha, the Hilal Moon Flowers arrangement pays homage to Islamic traditions. Featuring orange American roses, Mirabel spray roses, and a round gold stand with pampas grass, it is sure to win over your loved ones in a jiffy.

Hilal Moon or the Crescent is the show-stopper of this bouquet representing the religious, political, and military Arabic traditions. Orange roses represent joy, bliss, and togetherness while Mirabel spray roses symbolize romance and love. 

Pampas grass and the golden stand are both low-maintenance and long-lasting - stretching the spirit of Eid long after the flowers fade away.

Language of the Heart Arrangement Embodies the Pure Feeling of Sacrifice

A perfect choice for Eid Al Adha floral gift, this bouquet has orange American roses, maroon-colored Cineria, and the signature golden rose in a round leather black box. It reflects excellence and elegance on multiple levels. 


The blissfulness of orange roses and the deep spiritual connections of our trademark golden rose intensify when they meet maroon Cineria. Fresh cineria is beautiful silvery green foliage with a minty fragrance. When painted maroon, it makes any flower arrangements and bouquets brighter and more joyous. 


This Eid Al Adha, order exquisite floral bouquets from Glamour Rose to celebrate the beauty of Islam. Know that each bouquet has been crafted with love and care to symbolize the spirit of sacrifice on this special occasion. 

Whether you choose the  "Bright Flowers," "Golden Flowers," "Hilal Moon Flowers," or "Language of the Heart" bouquet, you will certainly make this EID Mubarak for your near and dear ones in an elegant and heartfelt manner.

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