Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers to Express What You Feel for Your Mom!

Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers to Express What You Feel for Your Mom!

Moms are like flowers that bring hope and cheer;
Different colours and shapes, but each one is truly dear.

While the world will celebrate Mother's Day 2023 on May 14, the UAE will celebrate it on March 21 - the first day of the Spring. And when it's Spring, the Mother's Day gift that first springs into mind is the most beautiful of Nature's creations - blossoms of all varieties, shapes and colours!

Glamour Rose brings you special flower arrangements and next-day or even same-day flower delivery service in Dubai for all those who want to make this day special for their mothers.


Our flower bouquets, inspired by Mother's Love, range from 350 to 1,700 dirhams! And while love cannot be equated with money - spending more does give you access to more exclusive flower arrangements. Here are a few of our best Mother's Day flower arrangements our clients love: 

  • Mother's Love is...Sincere: This one comes in a special leather orange box with 40-100 orange, yellow and peach roses and looks incredibly full of joy and happiness. Yellow roses represent the close bond of friendship you share with your mom, peach roses represent the sincerity and genuine gratitude towards everything she has done for you, and orange roses with intense hues represent the positivity and enthusiasm of the fire in your mother. And the GR-special signature golden rose represents your mother is the Queen of the Day!

  • Mother's Love is...Protective: An arrangement of 30, 45, or 60 purple Eustomas, this bouquet represents appreciation, admiration, sweetness and respect. The purple colour denotes 'nobility' and the signature golden rose from us will show the special place in your heart for your mom.

  • Mother's Love is...Heartwarming: A heartwarming arrangement of 20, 35, or 50 pink lilies, this Mother's Day bouquet appreciates the feminity of your mom and celebrates the love you have for her. It is a perfect choice for moms who need a little pick-me-up gift or a confidence boost.
  • Mother's Love is…Noble: You can order this flower bouquet as it is or include a glass vase or even a chocolate with it. The lovely mix of flowers in this bouquet contains Eustomas, Limoniums and Spray Roses. Eustomas are flowers of peace, happiness and harmony - everything that moms manifest wherever they are. Limoniums or Sea Lavenders are perfect ways of expressing 'I Miss You' as they symbolize remembrance and sympathy. Spray Roses are tiny and would represent your childhood when your Mom was your world. 

  • Mother's Love is… One of A Kind: Make your mom feel extra special on the day dedicated to all mothers - with purple tulips! Representing royalty and rebirth, purple tulips speak of all the times when your mom put her needs and wants after yours - like a true ruler. If you remember your mom as the noblest person you ever met, gift her this bouquet this year.

Glamour Rose offers flower delivery service in Dubai and anywhere in the UAE, so, you have no reason to not book an order now and make your mom smile this Mother's Day!

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