5 Tips to Buy Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Beloved

5 Tips to Buy Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Beloved

Buying flowers for someone who rules your heart and soul can be a daunting task. But Glamour Rose has tips to help you choose the best Valentine's Day flowers to impress your beloved and create some of the most memorable moments ever:

Tip #1: Order Early!

You book an order for flower delivery on Valentine's Day and it arrives a day late. What a horror it would be! All the impression you want to make disappears in thin air. The surprise turns out to be a disappointment. So, order your Valentine's Day flower at least 7-10 days before the big day to ensure everything goes as planned.

If you order at the last moment, local florists are in a rush and they may be running out of flowers. That's why the last-moment orders for Valentine's Day flowers often end up late or contain flowers of sub-standard quality.

Order early this year to make sure your loved one receives lovely bouquets and flower arrangements on time.

Tip #2: Choose Only Fresh Blooms!

When it comes to buying Valentine's Day flowers, you should be extra careful with the quality. Choose only fresh and high-quality blooms that are sure to make an impression.

Fresh, high-quality blooms symbolize true love and convey your feelings to your loved one in the best way. Look for lush petals, vibrant colours, and untouched stems. Avoid wilted or dried-out flowers as they won't survive long enough. After all, your beloved deserves the best!

Tip #3: Buy from Local Florists with Glamour Rose!

Shop local by trusting reputed florists like Glamour Rose for your Valentine's Day needs. We have a wide network of the most trustworthy local florists in the UAE that offer you the finest quality blooms, and they can provide same-day delivery within the area.

Local flowers shops charge reasonably, meaning you can make the most of your money and surprise your special someone with a stunning bouquet. Plus, when you shop local, you help contribute to your local economy and support small businesses.

Tip #4: Choose Flowers with a Longer Shelf Life!

Choosing flowers that remain fresh for a longer time allows your beloved to enjoy them for days or even weeks. And they keep reminding him or her that your love is eternal. While roses are classic Valentine's Day flowers, Glamour Rose offers you a wide-ranging selection of long-lasting blooms, such as:

  • Chrysanthemums can last for three weeks or longer in a vase. In mixed bouquets, they often last other flowers longer.
  • Elegant and luxurious-looking orchids add sophistication to any flower arrangement and can last up to two to three weeks in cooler rooms. But you have to keep them away from ripening fruits and vegetables for their longer shelf lives.
  • Sturdy carnations can last up to three weeks in a vase and even more if kept in a cool area. They come in various shades, from white and pink to red and purple – perfect for creating stunning Valentine's Day bouquets!

Tip #5: Learn What Each Flower Signifies

For ages, flowers are associated with different emotions and messages. So, it's essential to understand the meaning of flowers when you buy them as Valentine's Day gifts.

Red roses, for example, symbolize intense love and passion. While pink roses are associated with admiration, joy, and grace. Orchids signify beauty, luxury, strength, and thoughtfulness. Tulips are a sign of perfect love and care. And lilies stand for purity and devotion.

When you understand what each flower in the bouquet symbolizes and their meaning in context to Valentine's Day gifts, it will help you pick the right combination.

Flowers on Valentine's Day are the best way to express your love and admiration for the one you care about. By following these five tips, you can buy the perfect Valentine's Day flower for your beloved – something that will make them feel special. So, make sure to order in advance, choose only fresh blooms, and pick a dependable florist like Glamour Rose for the best experience. Good luck!

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