5 Best Autumn Flowers for a Graceful Bouquet That Wins Everyone's Heart

5 Best Autumn Flowers for a Graceful Bouquet That Wins Everyone's Heart

Spring has always been hailed as the season of new blooms. But Autumn has a delightful array of flowers which win the hearts with their warm hues. If you are in the UAE, the sun still shines bright in this season. Flowers that bloom here in the autumn are not only beautiful but also resilient - symbolizing the spirit of the desert.

Here are our expert florists recommending the best autumn flowers to make your bouquets a feast for the eyes:

1. Dahlia - The Flamboyant Star

Dahlias are flamboyant perennials. They are undoubtedly the show-stoppers of any autumn flower show. The presence of these trumpet-based blossoms in a fresh flower bouquet means an explosion of colours.


You can choose different shades of these flowers to go with the mood of the event - from passionate reds and vibrant oranges to delicate pinks and pure whites. When you want to show that the recipient is dignified, elegant, sophisticated, and graceful, you can’t go wrong with dahlias.

2. Calla Lily - Elegance Personified

With long, slender stems, Calla Lily looks like a chalice. Hence, ancient Greeks and Romans considered them to be lucky for festive occasions, especially weddings. These autumn flowers come in a variety of colours - from pristine whites to sunny yellows to romantic pinks and regal purples.

On one hand, calla lilies signify purity and beauty, and on the other hand, they symbolize sympathy, rebirth, and union. Hence, many people choose the pale-coloured Cala liles for funeral floral arrangements.

3. Pampas Grass - Nature's Delicate Dance

Pampas grass is a tall, ornamental grass with fluffy plumes. Hence, when there’s a breeze, their delicate dance brings alive any bouquet. It enhances the beauty of any autumn flower arrangement - with its beautiful green colour.

It’s a perfect addition to give texture to giant-sized bouquets and make your chosen flowers pop up by providing them with the perfect background. And also, pampas grass symbolizes untamed beauty, freedom, and creativity. So, if you know someone who has these qualities, do add some to the bouquet you order for them.

4. Chrysanthemum - The Vibrant All-Rounder

Chrysanthemums are autumn flowers that are chosen mainly for the pop of colours they offer. They are charming like daisies and come in a wide range of shades and hues.

Did you know that these flowers that look like bursting cracks of petals - are actually a group of florets? Disc florets are short and stocky and arranged around the centre while Ray florets are more petal-like and give Chrysanthemums their everlasting charm.

These flowers symbolize joy, optimism and a lively and cheerful spirit. So, they are fit for all joyous occasions - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, promotion parties, and festivities.

5. Marigold - Nature's Golden Beauty

Add a touch of Nature’s golden beauty to your floral bouquets with marigolds. Yellow and orange marigolds have a touch of red sometimes. With a talented florist by your side, you can use them to add a special touch to any bouquet.

Floral arrangement experts say that while marigolds are associated with power, strength and light of the sun, they also encapsulate the despair of a broken heart. Hence, you can gift them to someone who has recently lost someone - to give them hope and inspire them to begin a new life.

There’s no dearth of Autumn flowers flaunting different colours, sentiments, and messages. Asters, for example, come in white, blue, pink, and purple hues and represent love and patience. Zinnias or Autun Daisies can be white, yellow, orange, pink or red and are great for expressing ‘I Miss You’. Delicate, heart-shaped pansies can be white, yellow, orange, pink or purple and bring alive the magic of love in any floral arrangement.

If you need help with choosing the best flowers bouquet for your loved ones, we are always here for you.

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