6 Ways to Buy Best Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Girlfriend

6 Ways to Buy Best Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Girlfriend

“The rose is the flower and handmaiden of love.
The lily, her fair associate, is the emblem of beauty and purity.” 
~ Dorothea Dix

Gifting a bouquet of flowers to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day is an age-old tradition for all love birds - young and old. But how do you know that the Valentine's Day flowers you choose will impress your girlfriend? Here are the top 6 tips on how to buy the best Valentine's Day bouquets for your sweetheart:

1. Know her favourites: It helps if you know what your girlfriend likes - and for that, you need to pay attention. Which flowers in others' homes or gardens make her smile? Which flower arrangements does she most admire when you go to a party?

I am sure her best friend or sister can help you with choosing the best flowers for your girlfriend too!

Some of the popular choices in Valentine's Day flower arrangements in the UAE are:

  • Roses: A dozen long-stemmed red roses scream romance and passion while pink roses speak of how much you admire your girlfriend. White and lavender roses represent purity and innocence and yellow ones represent the joy your beloved brings to you.
  • Peonies: Soft and lush peonies are elegant, beautiful, and fragrant. 
  • Hydrangeas: Large and fluffy hydrangeas in blue, pink, and purple showcase a big heart and deep emotions. And they also convey gratitude and appreciation for someone!
  • Lilies: Liles are often associated with love, purity, and new beginnings - making them perfect for Valentine's Day flower arrangements. These large trumpet-shaped flowers stand out in any bouquet you pick.

2. Think about her personality: Classic, romantic girls might like a bouquet like 'You Are My True Love', a perfectly round Valentine's Day flower arrangement with 55, 65, or 75 red roses!

    And if your girl is more modern and edgy - a trendsetter in her own right - you may want to order 'My Love for You is Eternal' flower arrangement with unique red Cymbidium orchids, fresh cornus sticks, and greeneries in a branded black leather box.

    3. Consider the meaning of flowers: Many men make the mistake of never trying to understand the language of Valentine's Day flowers. The red roses, for example, are the quintessential symbol of passionate love and desire.

      Softer shades of pink are for gentler emotions, such as admiration and gratitude - a great choice for new relationships. Deeper pinks are for deeper affection and budding romance.

      Orchids exude an exotic beauty - a great choice to indicate luxury, sophistication, and deep affection.

      You can also try 'You Are My Everything' Red Infinity Rose for someone with whom you want to celebrate a timeless romance.

      4. Set a budget: Love can't be bought with money. And when you are in love, your budget doesn't matter. But still having a budget for Valentine's Day celebration makes sense. If you know how much you want to spend on Valentine's Day flower arrangements, you can make informed choices and find creative ways to express your love without hurting your pocket.

      And Glamour Rose's florists would love to help you with that!

      5. Shop early:  At Glamour Rose, we promise to deliver Valentine's Day flowers on a timely basis. However, it is still a good idea to order the flowers of your choice a few days or even a week in advance - to make sure we have the freshest flowers available for your loved one.
      6. Make it personal: Add a handwritten card. some chocolates, or a small gift to a Valentine's Day bouquet to make it extra special.

      Buy Glamour Rose's Valentine's Day flower arrangements to make this year unforgettable in your love story.

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