Create a Vibrant and Cheerful Home for Ramadan 2023 with Floral Decor!

Create a Vibrant and Cheerful Home for Ramadan 2023 with Floral Decor!

Roses and tulips, lilies and daisies,
God's love and blessings are on full display.
A home filled with beauty, a sight to behold,
Flowers in bloom during Ramadan are so bold.
A reminder of God's grace from above,
Flowers bring hope and fill us with love.

Add beauty and warmth to your home this Ramadan by decorating it with flowers! 

Flowers bring life and energy, making any space feel more inviting. They add colour and life to any space, from the living room to the dining table. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home with flowers this Ramadan:

Choose seasonal blooms:

Look for flowers that are in season during Ramadan, such as roses and lilies. These will be more affordable and easier to find than out-of-season varieties. 

If you are in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, besides roses and lilies, you can easily find orchids, daisies, carnations and gerberas this Ramadan season. 

Use a variety of colours:

To create a vibrant atmosphere, mix and match different colours of flowers together. This will give your home an eye-catching look that is sure to impress your guests. 

Bright and cheerful hues like reds, purples, blues, oranges and yellows are sure to enliven your room and bring out the best in your decor.

Mix different sizes, textures and shapes of blooms:

Experimenting with various combinations will give your floral arrangement a unique look that will be sure to draw attention.

For example, Glamour Rose's Moon Light contains a variety of white and pink flowers in a circular black leather box. The florist can customize it to your preference to go perfectly with your Ramadan decor.

Express yourself:

Choose flowers that reflect your personality and bring out the individual charm in each area of your home. 

You can use roses to express love and friendship, and carnations to express happiness. Decorate your home with lilies if you value peace and serenity, and use gerberas to add a dash of cheerfulness to your home. 

Sunflowers typically represent loyalty, while orchids stand for beauty and grace. By selecting the right kind of flower to express your desired sentiment, you can easily create a thoughtful display that conveys your thoughts and feelings perfectly.

Decorate the Iftar table:

Place a bouquet of fresh flowers on the Iftar table for an extra special touch. This will make it even more inviting for family and friends who come over for Iftar meals.

Ramadan Flowers

This bouquet is perfect for an Iftar table that is set to celebrate God’s love for all of His children.

Place some flowers next to windows or near open doorways:

Breezy spots are ideal locations for fragrant blooms like jasmine or lily of the valley that can fill up a room with wonderful scents.

Some of the most popular and fragrant types of flowers include lilac, jasmine, rose, freesia, honeysuckle, lavender and peony.

Add greenery:

Greenery such as ferns or ivy can be used to add texture and depth to any floral arrangement. 

Greenery and foliage can provide structure, add contrast and make all the elements pop even more. They also help keep the air clean by absorbing pollutants from the environment!

By following these tips, you can easily transform your home with Glamour Rose into a beautiful oasis this Ramadan season!

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