5 Quick Tips for Buying Valentine's Day Flowers for Him

5 Quick Tips for Buying Valentine's Day Flowers for Him

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time to shower your special guy. Expert florists from Glamour Rose offer you a wide choice of Valentine's Day flowers - and they aren't just for women. 

Men also appreciate thoughtful gestures and our Valentine's Day flowers collection is designed to help you convey different moods of love and romance eloquently - in the language of flowers. Here are some tips for buying Valentine's Day flowers for men that they will surely love.

1. Consider His Taste and Style

When selecting Valentine's Day flowers for your husband, think about his personality, taste, and style. The extroverts would love bold and vibrant arrangements. The introverts may prefer understated and classic Valentine's Day floral bouquets. 

Glamour Rose's 'Golden Heart' bouquet is the perfect bouquet for those who love big and bold expressions of passion. It features ninety fire-kissed red roses arranged in a heart shape as a backdrop for the 'Golden Heart' made of palm leaves - and a signature golden Glamour Rose resting on this golden heart.

2. Choose Flowers with a Masculine Touch

Opt for flowers with a masculine touch to make your gift more tailored to his preferences. The 'Two Sides' arrangement from Glamour Rose beautifully balances crisp white American roses with red roses embraced in black satin. This bouquet symbolizes innocence and fiery passion, making it an ideal choice for the man who appreciates both sides of love.

3. Personalize with His Favourite Colours

Incorporate his favourite colours into the bouquet to add a personal touch. The 'I Want You' floral arrangement, featuring 25 red American roses and a golden Euca Cineria, is a passionate expression of love wrapped in blushing pink silky wrap. It's a vibrant testament to your longing for him and a beautiful representation of your connection.

4. Consider Long-Lasting Flowers

Choose flowers that will stay fresh and vibrant for an extended period. Glamour Rose's 'Can't Stop Thinking of You' bouquet, with its sea of velvet red roses, not only takes centre stage but also promises longevity. The arrangement sits on a beautiful golden stand, making it a stylish and enduring gift for your special someone.

5. Make it Big and Grand

Go grand with 'Full of Love' - the UAE's biggest flower box. This 1.2-metre wide white elegant flower box contains 1000 premium red roses. Your beloved husband or Valentine deserves grand gestures of love and romance too - and this one can never go unnoticed.

This Valentine's Day, surprise the man you love with a thoughtful and carefully chosen bouquet from Glamour Rose's exclusive collection. These tips, paired with the stunning arrangements, will undoubtedly make this special day even more memorable for both of you. 

Remember, it's the sentiment that counts, and a well-chosen bouquet can speak volumes about your love and appreciation.

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